At Cheshire Utility Services, our goal is to provide you with the most cost effective and timely solution for your domestic, commercial or industrial electricity installation.

From single homes to multiple dwellings and from smaller commercial units to large retail parks, we tailor our solutions to meet your needs. We can install everything from service cables to substations. We’ll assign you a single point of contact and you’ll benefit from our market-leading knowledge from initial enquiry to final connection.

With Cheshire Utility Services you’ll be kept up to date with the status of your project every step of the way. Your dedicated account manager will be on hand to offer their experience and technical knowledge to smooth out any difficulties. The installation of utilities can be a stressful experience, but working with Cheshire Utility Services will ensure that all the complexities are professionally dealt with.

We are a nationwide company with a wealth of experience of a full range of installations and are ideally placed to competitively complete a full installation including a comprehensive plan of your site.


Domestic Connections

Performance and reliability are at the core of Cheshire Utility Services’ commitment to you in providing high quality, robust installations.

Commercial Connections

As part of our commercial installations, we oversee the installation of substations, which can power anything from a retail park to a railway system. Our substations have a wide range of uses and are an ideal solution to the problem of getting power to remote locations, as well as providing a more temporary arrangement.

Industrial Connections

When you choose Cheshire Utility Services for your domestic, commercial or industrial installation, you’ll benefit from our wealth of expertise and our skilled and motivated workforce. All our installations are completed to the very highest standards, without compromise on quality or safety.

A Bespoke Electricity Utility Connection That’s Perfect For You

If you’re managing a new development, whether domestic, commercial or industrial, the fact is that you need a reliable and trusted electricity supply. These days, no building can function without the right electricity supply. Our goal here at Cheshire Utility Services is to work with you in order to find and deliver the most efficient and cost-effective electricity utility solution for your project. You need sufficient electricity supply, and you need it to be delivered in proper synchronization with the rest of your development.

We have experience in providing bespoke and specific electricity utility solutions for projects of a wide range of different needs, sizes, and timeframes. From smaller domestic developments to huge industrial projects, we’ve consistently delivered reliable and consistent electricity distribution and supply over our years in the industry. 



You need to know that your electricity service is going to match the needs of your project – what you don’t need is a ‘one size fits all’ kind of approach. Here at Cheshire Utility Services, we specialise in bespoke and unique electricity utility services tailored to individual developments – and we deliver this service not just in Cheshire and the North West, but across the UK. We’ve built a team of seasoned experts and professionals, all perfectly qualified to do the best job possible, every time. There’s no better pair of hands than ours to trust with your electricity connection. From our experienced technicians, installation and customer service teams, to our fantastic project managers, we’ve got everything and everyone you need for a successful and complete development. 

We offer a wide range of different services here at Cheshire Utility Services. Alongside our electricity connections, we also supply gas utility, water utility and telecommunication utility services as well. When it comes to supplying your project with the right connections, there’s a lot to consider. You might only need a simple meter reconnection or replacement, or you might need a full new connection planning and installing. We provide a wide range of different electricity connection services

Temporary builders – If your project is underway, you don’t want to be waiting around, held up by needing to wait for a proper assessment and free quote. These things can sometimes take time, but we’ll help you to keep the project moving forward with the supply of on-site temporary builders – keeping your site powered and progressing.

Consultation – We’re not here to just supply you with a standard solution without fully understanding your needs. We’re here to help, no matter the size of your development or your project needs. We’ll offer full consultation when it comes to the requirements for your project’s electricity supply, allowing us to put together a bespoke and accurate quote

Network design – We’ll help throughout every step of your electricity connection service. From the construction design to the connection plan necessary for any infrastructure you need, we’ll help design your network to the highest standard possible. From connections to a mains supply, to submetered supplies for tenants, we’ll deliver a comprehensive and unique design. 

Legal & administrative engagement – When dealing with mains electricity supply, connection, and utility infrastructure, there’s a lot of legal factors to be taken into consideration. Understanding the legal and administrative elements of utility installation and maintenance is a specialist subject, and we’re here to help provide this expertise for your project. 

New utility service connections – From small domestic projects to enormous commercial and industrial developments, every building project needs the right electricity utilities. You need the right electricity connection, delivered in a timely manner, and installed and maintained to a high level. Here at Cheshire Utility Services, we’re here to make sure your connection is everything you need it to be. 

Electricity meter removal, replacement, and installation – We’re to replace or remove old electricity meters when you need, as well as installing brand new meters as part of your electricity connections service. There are plenty of reasons for which you might need a meter removing or disconnecting, and we see this service as part of our ability to provide a comprehensive electricity utility service and supply. 

Capacity changes – Perhaps you’re not sure whether we can provide the electricity capacity you’re going to need for your development’s usage needs? We’re here to put you at ease – over our years in the industry, we’ve worked with networks across the UK to ensure that every project we work on always has the right capacity made available for it. 

Cheshire Utility Services bring our wide range of services to all the construction projects we work on. If you’re looking for a fully comprehensive solution for your electricity and other utility connections, there’s nowhere else you need to go. We offer a full project management package that will see you guided and consulted through every stage of development. From consultation to final utility installation and maintenance, our project managers will work alongside you to make sure your electricity distribution and supply are delivered in time and to a high standard. Our project management is bespoke and is always tailored specifically to your development needs and requirements. We’ll support you every step of the way. 

First, we’ll assess your needs, budget, and timeframe so that we fully understand what needs to be delivered and when. When we’ve got a comprehensive picture of what we’ll need to do to work seamlessly as part of your project, we’ll offer you a package of individual contracts handpicked and chosen for you, meeting all the services that your development is going to need. 

Each construction project is different, which is why we never approach a development thinking we already know what we need to do. Your needs will be unique in some way, and we’re dedicated to not making our clients overpay for services they don’t need. You want a streamlined, smooth and cost-effective electricity solution, and our project management team is here to deliver. 

The Kinds Of Electricity Connections We Provide:

You might have worked with a utility services provider that didn’t quite meet your needs in the past. We know how frustrating that can be. Whether your concern is that your project is too small to be considered, or too large to be effectively and efficiently serviced, Cheshire Utility Services is here to put your mind at ease. 

The fact is that we have years of experience in the industry and our team consists of veteran experts with the insight to deliver the right services for a range of different projects. Over our years in the industry, we’ve had the pleasure of working on projects of all different sizes, so we understand how the needs of an individual development can vary drastically to the next. But we’ve built our reputation on being able to supply projects large and small with the right utility connections and services. 

From small domestic projects to huge industrial developments, clients across the UK have benefitted from our consistent, cost-effective, professional and reliable utility services. Some of the electricity connections we provide include: 


  • Domestic electricity connections – Need to get a property development up and running on time and on budget? Whether you’re running a small domestic project or a large residential developments, Cheshire Utility Services can provide a comprehensive range of electricity services for the job. Whether you need meters removing, replacing and installing, or the installation of entirely new electricity connection infrastructure, our helpful team of experts will support you with as little disruption as possible.


  • Commercial electricity connections – Commercial development projects can bring with them a wide range of unique needs and requirements. From the legal side of things, to the budget and the infrastructure itself, it’s not always easy for commercial developments to find the right utility services. Here at Cheshire Utility Services, we deliver an end to end service, supporting you with full consultation and project management. From the beginning of the your project in design and planning, to very installation and completion of infrastructure and services, we’ll help to guide you and your project to a streamlined and cost-effective conclusion. 


  • Industrial electricity connectionsWe’re capable of providing a very wide range of electricity connection services. Industrial developments can be large and complex, requiring the completion of a full range of utility services, whether that be temporary builders, network design, new service connections, legal and administrative engagement, and more. Delivering a satisfactory industrial development project often means needing a cohesive vision throughout what can be a long process. Our amazing project management team can provide exactly that – they are well-experienced and can offer guidance, advice and assistance while overseeing the delivery of your utility services. Their job is to be your one point of contact, keeping you informed and up to date throughout the process. Cheshire Utility Services’ project management is designed for cost-effective and streamlined end to end utility connection solutions. 


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