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Keeping on top of the latest utility news can be tough, but we’ve gathered together all the latest news together in one place this December, leaving you more time to get your Christmas shopping done!

Is Your Boiler Winter-Ready?

With this winter predicted to be the coldest in fifty years, British Gas has predicted 125,000 boiler breakdowns in the run-up to Christmas. Engineers are urging the public to ensure their homes are prepared for the cold spell. No heating or hot water is everyone’s worst nightmare in the cold weather, and this is a great time of year to test your boiler and ensure it is winter-ready.

You can do a few things to help:

  • Bleed radiators
  • Use draught excluders to keep out cold air
  • Keep furniture away from heaters
  • Get boilers serviced
  • Insulate pipes

Regular boiler servicing can help ensure your boiler makes it through the winter season without breaking down!

New Owners Take Control of Electricity North West

A consortium led by Equitix and Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc. has joined J.P. Morgan Asset Management and First State Investments as owners of Electricity North West. The consortium takes a 50% share in the company and have reassured the company’s five million customers they will continue to deliver the industry-leading reliability the company is known for.

Offshore Wind Power’s Time Is Now

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Offshore wind was once thought of as an expensive way to cut carbon emissions – and hardly a viable one. But on 11th September 2019, a government auction saw the cost of offshore wind drop. The industry, centred around Yorkshire’s east coast and Hull, could finally be coming of age. In fact, experts predict that North Sea wind will become what oil and gas once was to the UK economy. Last year offshore wind provided just 5% of the UK’s electricity, but the auction showed that with a public commitment costs could drop to the point where offshore wind can compete with nuclear energy and natural gas as an affordable source of electricity.

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