Your utility installation, connection and maintenance needs managed under one umbrella


Gas Line

Cheshire Utility Services will install and maintain gas lines to your premises' ready for letting.
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Mains Water

Working with United Utilities, we maintain the water services running to your properties.
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Cheshire Utility Services maintain the electricity feed and meter maintenance of your properties.
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The most valuable connection service for property developers Get in touch to arrange a free consultation


If you’re a developer managing a large project, then you’ve already got a lot of things to worry about. Here at Cheshire Utility Services, we believe in helping to take some of the time, stress and hassle away from arranging utility connections. We know that you’ve got other things to be concentrating on. By letting us take care of your utility connections, you can spend more time working and improving the other parts of your development. 

Thanks to our great wealth of experience in the utility industry, we can help make arranging your utility connections a great deal easier. We’ll take the stress out by using our connections to arrange services with different suppliers on your behalf. We’re your one-stop, multi-utility design and installation service for all your developments, both domestic and commercial. 

You need the right utility infrastructure for your site’s utility supply. That’s why we believe in working closely with our clients and customers throughout the process. Alongside your needs and specifications, we can design and build the utility infrastructure for gas, water and electricity that you need. We can also supply telecommunications, with both BT and Virgin Media packages available. Is there anything better than being able to reliably organise all the utility supply your site needs in one place, with one provider? Here at Cheshire Utility Services, we aim to make the process as easy and streamlined as possible for you. 

A Bespoke Solution For Your Utility Connections

We offer a range of different services here at Cheshire Utility Services. If you want a comprehensive solution for your utility connections, there’s no better place than here. Our project management package covers every stage of the project. From your initial consultation, all the way to your final connection and meter installation, we’ll be with you every step of the way providing your utility services for new projects. Our project management is a bespoke service that is tailored to your specific needs and aims to provide all the support you need throughout the process. 

We’ll look at all your needs, from your budget, requirements and the time frame that you’re working in. Then, we’ll offer a package of individual contracts each chosen just for you, matching and meeting your needs. 

Each job is different. Your development and project needs will always be unique in some way. We know that you don’t want to be paying for services you don’t need – you want an efficient and cost effective solution. That’s why our project management will always depend on the needs of your job.

Our project management and services might cover the disconnection of old services, negotiating supply contracts on your behalf, the removal and replacement of old meters, smart meter installation and much more. Every service we provide is tailored to your needs, and we’re dedicated to providing a tailored and bespoke package that meets all of your needs in a tight, efficient and cost effective manner. 

When you choose Cheshire Utility Services, you’ll benefit from all the qualified levels of safety and installation that you should expect. We’ve got a fully trained and professional team here, ready to deliver your services smoothly, quickly and to a high quality. Everybody here has a great deal of experience in the utility industry – no one is better placed to help guide you to a better utility connections solution. We’re also ever expanding and always taking on new projects, so get in touch to find out how we can help you. 

If you’re developing and managing a big project, you need to be able to plan and organise clearly and efficiently. To do this, you need a clear picture of what you can expect from all the work and services that you’ve got coming in and are having delegated. That’s why we provide all our clients with a full installation plan – so that you can know what to expect and plan accordingly. We’re here to make your life easier and more streamlined, not to confuse or surprise you. If you’re still planning your development, we’re able to provide consultation and help to advise on utility requirements before your project even begins. 

Whether you’re working on a single plot, or you’ve got a major development under way, we’re here to help take some of the stress away from you. Dealing with multiple suppliers can be a confusing hassle, which is why we’re here to offer a one-stop service you can rely on for everything you need. We believe in communication to enhance efficiency, so we’ll keep you informed and up to date throughout the project. Please get in touch with us today for a quote or to arrange a consultation.

Our Services

Temporary Builders

1While awaiting an accurate quote, we are able to offer a temporary builder supply on-site to help provide your site or office with temporary power to ensure your project can continue to move forward!

Technical Consultation

2No matter the size of the project, we are here to help. We are happy to discuss the requirements of your project to put together an accurate quote and ensure you are happy with everything.

Utility Network Design

3We are here to design the construction and connection plan for any infrastructure you desire. Whether it be submetered supplies for tenants or connections to a mains supply, we are here to help.

Legal & Administrative Engagement

4There are many legal factors of utility installation and maintenance. This is why Cheshire Utility Services is here to ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

New Service Connections

5Utilities are essential for every commercial and domestic project. Therefore, we aim to supply your development with the required utilities, connected within a timely manner.

Meter Removals & Disconnections

6There are numerous reasons as to why you may need a meter removal or disconnection. We are more than happy to discuss your project to determine the services you require.

Load & Capacity Changes

7If you are unsure if we can provide enough capacity for your usage requirements, don't panic. We are here to work with the networks, ensuring the capacity is made available.

Free No Obligation Survey And Quote

Each project is different. Whether you’re working on a single plot of land or a large, major development, you need to be able to accurately assess which utilities you need supplying, and how much those will cost you. If you need one or multiple utility installation and maintenance services, we’re here to help. 

Here at Cheshire Utility Services, we’re here to chat and discuss your requirements, budget, time frame, and all other needs. Then, we can provide you with an accurate quote for all the services you need. Our packages are bespoke to you, organised and managed efficiently to give you a cost effective solution. We adhere by all expected levels of safety and quality, making us a supplier you can rely on. 

We offer an entirely no obligation free survey and quote. When developing a project, you need to know everything you’re going to need and how much it’s going to cost you. We’re here to provide you with that level of clarity, taking the hassle out of negotiating with multiple suppliers and dealing will various costs and services. Interested? Get in touch with us today to find out more and discover how Cheshire Utility Services can help guide your project to a better utility connections solution. 

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What We Do

As a multi maintenance utility service, Cheshire Utility Services will manage all your utilities under one umbrella, for a hassle-free solution to your utility needs. Why not contact us today for a free, fast, site survey and consultation
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Our Philosophy

Born out of a frustration with the complexity of utility services, Cheshire Utility Services now manages high quality, hassle free installations across the country.
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Why Choose Us

We offer FREE, no-obligation consultations for all aspects of utility services and installations. We are more than happy to discuss your project requirements to provide an accurate quote. Get in touch to speak with our team.
Cheshire Utility Services has a company-wide culture that is committed to excellence. Drawing on our years of experience we can streamline the management of utility services, putting you firmly in charge.
From customer services to our skilled and motivated on-site engineers, every member of the Cheshire Utility Services team is highly trained and knowledgeable, offering you the best quality service.
We meet and exceed the insurance and licensing requirements for utility companies so you can have complete confidence in us. Cheshire Utility Services carries both General Liability and Worker's Compensation insurance, guaranteeing peace of mind when you work with our team.
Our comprehensive range of services offers you complete flexibility, and no job is too big or too small. At Cheshire Utility Services we deliver a bespoke service tailored exactly to your needs from demolition to final completion.


Whether you’re a developer managing a domestic or commercial project, we’re here to provide a full design and installation service for all your utility connection needs. Here at Cheshire Utility Services, we’ll handle the supply and construction of all the infrastructure you need for your gas, water and electricity. Dealing with multiple suppliers for different services takes time and effort – with us, you don’t need to worry about that. 

We install new supplies, disconnect old services, arrange for temporary connections and much more. We’re here to deliver a smooth and efficient project management package, bespoke to your needs. 


When managing a project or development, you need to make sure that you have water exactly when you need it. Here at Cheshire Utility Services, our experienced team of engineers and project managers can deliver a tailored and cost effective water supply connection and installation for your project. 

We provide our clients with dedicated project managers to see your installation from beginning to completion. We’ll support you all the way to final connection – we’re the one place you need to be for water and multi-utility installation

Every project has unique needs. Our aim is to meet yours, working within your budget and time frames to deliver high quality water installation. We never compromise on safety or the quality of our materials in getting a job done well, and our installations are completed by our own on-site teams of experts. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for high quality, innovation and reliability in water supply installation.


Your gas supply connection is one of the most important parts of your development. You need gas installations that are reliable, of a high quality, save you time and money, and are delivered by experts. Here at Cheshire Utility Services, we’re here to provide you with just that. 

Our dedication is to meeting all your installation needs, within your budget and timeframe. The truth is that every project is different, which is why we are ready to deliver a bespoke service unique to you. We’re at the forefront of accredited gas utility installers in the UK, providing our excellent service across the country. We are your one-stop supplier for multi-utility services, providing you with everything you need, when you need it. 

Your gas installation will be managed by our experienced project managers, all the way from beginning to completion. They will be your point of contact, helping to keep you informed and updated throughout the process while ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. 

When you choose Cheshire Utility Services, you’ll benefit from our market-leading expertise, experience and insight. Our on-site teams are trained to the highest level, working to provide you with the best installation and utility connection supply possible. 


Whether you’re managing a domestic, commercial or industrial development project, you’re going to need cost effective and efficient electricity installation. These days, no building can function without proper electricity supply. That’s why we’re here to provide you with what you need. 

Whether your project is simply a development for a single home, or whether you’re developing an entire retail park, we can deliver you everything you need. From substations to sub cables, we offer a comprehensive electricity installation service. You’ll be assigned a project manager who will ensure that you benefit from our market-leading insight and keep you updated throughout the installation process. 

Utility supply and installation can be stressful. Working with Cheshire Utility Services, we’re your one-stop service for all electricity and multi-utility installations and service. We save you time and money by taking away the need for negotiating with multiple suppliers, having numerous surveys and quotes, and securing the best deals for you. 

We’re one of the UK’s leading accredited electricity supply installers. We connect development projects across the country with the electricity supply they need. No one is better placed to complete your full installation with a comprehensive plan for your site and project. 

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